Who is the Boyfriend of Ricky Martin?

Ricky Martin came out of his closet. Everybody knows that I guess because yesterday he blogged about this gay thing and he explained a lot! But the big question now is, Who is the boyfriend of Ricky Martin?

In fact, it is trending now. That means a lot of people all around the globe are interested to know about this Ricky Martin Boyfriend issue. But I think, site owners are very selfish with this information because they are all giving nonsense info. Well that sucks! 

But the good thing is, only one guy appeared on their post. He is Lance Bass. Is he the boyfriend of Ricky Martin or what? Well I am confused but I think I really don't care with this issue. What do you think about Ricky Martin's Boyfriend? Hit the comment box. Totally free!


  1. uh uh what happened to him--- very disappointing.

  2. We must respect Ricky for what he really is sexually speaking. The long-awaited admission never diminished my full appreciation for the talent of this great guy.

    Viva Ricky Martin...

    By the way, I am his OFFICIAL BOYFRIEND.