The Tooth Fairy Trailer and synopsis

The Tooth Fairy is a comedy-fantasy film produced by Walden Media. The Movie is starring Dwayne Johnson and Julie Andrews and released by 20th Century last January 22,2010.

Tooth Fairy stars "The Rock", he is just another sports figure force who is not comfortable with kids. He became a tooth fairy when he said to a little girl that her tooth fairy is not real. But the rock ended up by becoming the last tooth fairy who will save the tooth fairy kingdom.  Now he reminded me of the fairy in the fairly odd parents. :) As I watched the tooth fairies trailer on youtube, I must say that this movie is a must see movie especially for kids or for the whole family. Watch The Rock do his own way to become the best tooth fairy in tooth fairy kingdom.

Tooth fairy is scheduled in the philippines today, January 24,2010 Sunday.

Watch The Trailer of Tooth Fairy:

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