Planning To Change My Blog Theme. Adsense Friendly Theme Will Do.

I am really eager to change my blog’s theme. But I don’t have enough time and money to do it. As you can see, my theme has 3 columns and very complicated
. My readers might get confused searching for information here on my page. What I want is a minimal theme, plain but not too boring.

If you will Google “Awesome free blogger templates”, you will see a compilation of themes. They are really awesome and they rock! I want them but I don’t need them anymore. So try googling “free adsense friendly for BlogSpot or blogger”.
I have read a blog post regarding on choosing a better theme. It should not contain some delicate codes and the content should load first.
So I browsed for it on the internet and I found 2 themes. They are labeled on adsense friendly themes but I am not comfortable on using plain and minimal themes but I really have to. And I will also remove some widgets. I am not sure if this adsense friendly theme is also an SEO friendly theme.

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  1. I see you were able to change your theme. Looks real neat and minimalistic. I like it. YM mo lang ako kung may questions ka. Im always on invi but you can always IM me.