Final Fantasy XIII: Review for PS3

Cocoon is a government-controlled floating fortress, defended by advanced technology, and created by Crystals. Having lived in peace for many years, the citizens of Cocoon are afraid of anything living outside their fortress - anything living in the land they call 'Pulse'. The biggest fear amongst Cocoon's residents is that of their home falling from the sky, and anyone with ability to cause such chaos is quickly exiled. But recent contact with those from 'Pulse' has caused Cocoon's citizens to question one another and their ways of life. Due to this disturbance, Cocoon's government has decided to exile anyone who shows signs of coming in contact with the world of 'Pulse'. The Crystals looked for a woman who should destroy this world and all it's inhabitants. One believes that this woman will lead the world to its destruction. Her name is Lightning, and she also happens to be the main character of the game.

The release date is on March 9, 2010. You can purchase it for 59.99 USD.Oh! It is also available for X360!

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