Firepower: Manny Pacquiao Won Again!

Here's our round-by-round coverage as Pacquiao attempts to make boxing history. With a victory, he would become the first boxer to win seven titles.

Round 1

Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao entered the ring wearing a huge grin. In contrast, Miguel Cotto was all business, never cracking a smile.

Cotto snapped Pac Man's head back with an early strong jab and beat him to the punch most of the round.

Both landed 12 punches but Cotto's blows were more solid.

Round 2

Pac Man landed several combinations to the head. Cotto on his heels, recovered to hit him with a couple of stiff jabs, but not enough to slow down Pac Man, who tagged Cotto with more than 30 punches.

Round 3

Pac Man staggers Cotto with an over hand right early in the round that results in a standing 8 count.

Late in the round, a Cotto upper cut rocks Pac Man.

Pac Man appears to lead 2 rounds to 1.

Round 4

Pac Man sent Cotto to the canvas for the second time with a sharp left upper cut.

Cotto had been doing better until being knocked down late in the round.

Pac Man went to the ropes a couple of times to rest up.

Round 5

Cotto has slowed down since the opening rounds. His punches do not seem to have the same power.

Pac Man, however, was not as accurate this round.

Cotto appeared to land more blows and may have won the round.

Round 6

Again Pac Man's speed overcomes the strength of Cotto. PacMan lands 38 to 8 punches.

The story of the first half of the fight is Pac Man's abiliity to strike from both the left and the right. Cotto possess a powerful left hand but not much from the right side.

Round 7

Pac Man kept on coming, relentlessly moving forward to keep Cotto on his heels.

Cotto iwas given no chance to come forward with any kind of offense.

Again he was out-punched 4 to 1 by the busier and fresher Pac Man.

Round 8

Cotto again in full retreat as Pac Man chased him around the ring with a series of combinations. Cotto appeared hurt a couple of times but never went down.

Pac Man landed 30 punches to Cotto's 11.

Round 9

Cotto's face is a red mass of bruises after a tough round in which Pac Man again peppered him with combo after combo.

Cotto was always going backwards. His wife and young son had seen enough. They left the arena between rounds.

Round 10

Cotto must know that he is way behind, but was never the aggressor in this round.

Pac Man appeared to use this round to rest. Neither fighter was very active.

Round 11

Cotto bleeding from his mouth, nose and above his left eye.

It's all about survival now. Pride.

Cotto can't win unless there is a miracle punch in the final round.

That seems unlikely because his punches have no impact on Pac Man.

Cotto doesn't know what round it is. He asks his corner, "Is there is one left?"

Round 12

Referee stops the fight one minute into the final round. Cotto can no longer defend himself.


Pac Man makes history as the first fighter to win seven titles.


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  2. walang coverage yung round 13, 14, at 15?....yung kalaban nya sa kama eh yung kabit nya?