Sandara Park Gave Sam Milby a Lap Dance During their 2NE1 Concert [Video]

I just finished watching GGV featuring Sandara Park or Dara and I can say that she is still the same Sandara as we have seen during her SCQ days.

sandara sam milby lap dance

And while browsing some videos on YouTube, I saw this video clip from their 2NE1 AON Concert where Dara gave Sam Milby an unexpected lap dance.

I know it's all for the show and Sam Milby seems cool with that but other people might think that Sandara Park changed a little and became a bit wild.

You can visit this link so you can watch the 4 minute clip about it.

But based on the video comments, people accepted it just fine. :)

So what do you think about this viral video of Sandara dancing on Sam Milby's lap? 

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